02 December 2016

The Military Masacre

I'm John Parker. I work for the US Marines. We've been hot on the trail of a maniac for about a month now. On my last scouting mission, I found a journal. It belonged to my friend who I haven't seen for some time. I'm now going to tell you its contents. Why? Because if anyone thinks too lightly of our mission or meets the maniac, he should at least know what his up against.

15 July, 2019
Today our commander said during assembly "I need someone to volunteer for a military project." My friend Flynn volunteered. He was then taken away somewhere. I didn't think too much of it. It was probably some top-secret mission.

20 July, 2019
I haven't seen my friend for 5 days now. I'm starting to get curious. Maybe he left for some missions while the rest of us were asleep?

22 July 2019
Joey said something interesting today. He said that the government is doing a top secret experiment to make some kind of super soldier. We laughed. Joey often made up ridiculous tales. A super soldier? Was he saying the government is trying to make Captain America real? It did get a few smiles in our soldier though.

1 August, 2019
Last night I was woken up by a nightmare. On my way to the bathroom, I thought I heard banging noises coming from somewhere. I followed them as best as I could to discover that they seemed to come from a wall. This doesn't make any sense. Maybe it was just my tiredness playing tricks on me.

17 August, 2019
I'm getting increasingly worried about Flynn. I haven't seen or heard from him since the day he volunteered. What exactly did he volunteer for? Joey's Captain America theory seems more possible the more I think about it. What am I thinking? This is ridiculous. There's no way that Joey's made-up conspiracy theory could be true.

9 September, 2019.
It's been raining for a couple of days now. It's raining today too. I still haven't seen Flynn. Did he die in a mission? I should probably forget about him. It's better that way.

21 September, 2019.
I was woken up by a loud noise last night. It seemed like a single gunshot. It seemed to have come from somewhere close. But when I looked around I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

25 September, 2019.
I was woken up by another gunshot. This time it wasn't just one, It was 5 or 6. The first woke me up. I looked around and still didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Then I heard 2 more. I rushed out of bed, picked up my pistol and searched my room and the area around it. I couldn't find anything. I heard 2 more shots. I tried to follow the sound but came to dead end.

10 October 2019.
Am I going crazy? I keep hearing noises at night. But when I try to follow them I seem to keep coming to a dead end. All of the noises seem to come from a wall.

13 February 2020.
I now know what made the noises. I saw Flynn today but he was different. He was clad in a green armor and a bike helmet. He shot down a wall that I assume held a secret passage to some military research center and came out of it with a rocket launcher. He had a weird, almost beastly look in his eyes. His body looked like he was on steroids.

Before anyone had time to react, Flynn to out an AK-47 and began to gun down everyone in sight. I took cover behind the counter in our mess hall. Joey tried to stop him with a knife but he dodged at almost an inhuman speed. He quickly shot Joey with a shotgun he held in his left hand. I somehow managed to escape this monster.

14 February 2020.                             
The government has deployed its military forces to stop Flynn. I know for a fact that he isn't a human anymore. I saw him destroy a tank single-handed. I few more soldiers fired rockets at him but he dodged them easily. He then pumped shells into their skulls. I'm doing my best to survive and stay out of his way.

16 February, 2020.
I'm currently hiding in a old warehouse. Flynn can't be stopped. He isn't a man but a monster. He alone is responsible for the deaths of 500 soldiers. I know I won't be safe here. I saw him kill 25 soldiers just yesterday. Just before he had killed the last soldier he said "You demons should've just stayed in hell." He then killed the last soldier with his chainsaw. If anyone is reading this, I hope it helps you to survive this monster code-named "Doom Guy."

The End

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