01 December 2016

My Top 5 Most powerful video game weapons.

I like to watch/read top 10/5 lists. So I thought "Why not make my own list?" So here I am!

1. One entry per franchise: Do I really need to explain this?

2. In-game usefulness: For this list, I'm ranking the weapons based on how powerful they are in their respective game. These aren't given these positions best on how powerful they are against each other. This also means that I'm only counting weapons that I can use myself. NO BOSS WEAPONS.

3. Power-ups and abilities don't count: Power-ups and abilities like Mario's Fire-flower or Samus' screw-attack are disqualified from this list. Only weapons that you can use like knives, guns, spears etc.

4. Vehicles and power suits don't count: A vehicle or power-suit doesn't count as a weapon. I will, however, count the weapons that is used by the vehicle separately and will have a shot at making this list.

5. One out of many forms of a weapon will be considered: Weapons like Megaman's Mega buster has many different forms/ attacks. In this case, I'll count the forms separately.

6. My opinion: THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY! I'll count the weapons of games I've played. What I chose as No.5 maybe No.1or NO.100 in someone else's list of best/worst weapons list. If I didn't mention a weapon you thought was powerful, then, I probably haven't played the game it's in... Yet!
With that out of the way, let's get on with this list.

5. The Master Sword (Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past): I'll be honest. The only Legend of Zelda game I ever played was A Link to the Past. So the well balanced and powerful Master Sword from this game is on the 5th spot of the list. It's a effective weapon that is useful against enemies of all shapes, sizes, and forms. It's ranged attacks makes fighting a whole lot easier!

4. Chaos Breaker (Shining Force): SRPGs aren't easy. Sometimes you face a constant threat of your main character dying in battle. This may result in restarting the stage or a game-over. This problem is also there in Shining Force. However, it is completely removed once you get the Chaos Breaker. This sword can only be equipped by the main character. It can cast a moderately powerful spell. But the thing you'll notice the most is it's insane damage. It's capable of one-hit-killing many of your foes. Other than bosses, your enemies won't survive more than 3 hits. If you manage to get in a critical, well, It'll one-hit anything. It turns the main character from a good character to an almost invincible killing machine.

3. Z-Sabre (Megaman Zero 2/3): The Z-Sabre in the Megaman Zero series are all powerful. In the end, it was all down to which game had the best set of moves you can perform with it. I couldn't decide between Zero-2 and Zero-3 because both of their move set is very powerful. You feel unstoppable while wielding this sword. You can beat about 70% of all enemies (except bosses) with this sword alone. As for which element is the best with it? I say none. The normal Z-Sabre is the best version.

2. BFG 9000 (Doom/ Doom-II): You were expecting this as No.1 weren't you? Well, so was I. Before I started this list I thought for sure that this was the most powerful video-game weapon ever. But after considering my choices, I realized that there was one other weapon that can be stronger than even the mighty room clearing, monster-slaying, Insanely over-powered BFG. What is it? I'll tell you later. Those of you who haven't played Doom, the BFG is one of the strongest weapons you'll ever see. It fires a green energy ball that instantly kills all but two monsters in the game. If you're a terrible shot and you happen to miss, don't worry! When the energy ball hits anything, it does huge splash damage to any threat that is in your field of view. It can kill the the strongest monster in the game (with 4000HP) in just 2-3 shots. It can kill a room full of weaker enemies if they are all in your view. What can be better than the BFG? Well...

1. Twin Laser (Raptor Call of The Shadows): A lot of you probably never heard of this game. I'll just say that your strongest weapon is something that can kill almost EVERY ENEMY IN THE GAME IN JUST 1 SHOT! Bosses take 2 shots. A little harder bosses still take two shots. Basically, you fire two beams from the two wings of your ship that look sorta like Kamehamehas that kill anything it touches almost instantly. It's rate of fire is about 2 times per second. Making you cable of killing boss after boss in 1 second. Still not convinced it's better than the BFG? Well how about this then? The BFG has a shot limit of 15 right? Well the Twin Laser has infinite shots. You can basically just hold down the fire button and avoid bullets to win.

Honorable Mentions: Here are some weapons that were just short of making the list: Mani Katti (Fire Emblem), Sniper Rifle (Ice 9), Super Shotgun (Doom II), Shotgun (Doom), SG-5 (Front Misson 2).

Did you enjoy this list? What would be your most powerful video-game weapon?
Thanks for Reading!

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