02 December 2016

My Review of the Ace Attorney Series. Chapter EX2- Turnabout Equestrian.

This time I’m going to review a fan-fic called “Turnabout Storm” It’s like a cross over between Ace Attorney and MLP:FiM. I haven’t really watched MLP. All I know about the show is from watching reviews by The Mysterious Mr. Enter on youtube. It’s a fan made video that’s like 7 hours long. I’m going to avoid spoilers as much as possible for this review.

This puts our hero, Phoenix Wright (they portrayed his character better than the AA movie) in the candy-coloured world of Equestria. Twilight... (Crap! I forgot her last name.) Uh…Twilight casts a spell to summon the greatest defense attorney. This happens to be Phoenix. We find that a horse was murdered and Twilights friend Rainbowdash was arrested as the killer. Phoenix has to defend her in court.

I really don’t know how well this fits in with the MLP universe but I’m definitely sure that it fits Ace Attorney more. Why? Besides the fact that there was a murder and someone will be executed for it in a world of rainbows, sunshine and candy-coloured ponies, This entire fan-fic is set in Ace Attorney format. Investigations and the court scenes are just the way they were in the game.

I’ll start by pointing out the faults before I address the all the stuff done right simply because the number of faults are very few when compared to all the points they nailed. The huge glaring fault is the simple fact that the whole thing is 7 hours long. Personally, I’d prefer it if it didn’t have ponies and griffons and had actual people. However that isn’t really such a bad thing. I mean, if ponies were so bad, why would there be so many bronies around.

This has a healthy dose of comedy and a huge mystery that rivals those in the Ace Attorney games. Hell, I wouldn’t mind if this was actually a cross over game. One thing I would like to tell the makers “Hey, great job. But I think it’d be better if you divided the whole thing into 20 min videos. You’d end up with 21 episodes. It’ll be like your own anime.”

I really didn’t notice the music much since I was too focused on the dialogue. But I think most of the music tracks used here were from the game.

It's pact with suspense and great story telling just like in the game. It's got a lot of great moments that will keep you (and everyone else) guessing.

That’s it for this review. It was so short because I didn’t want to spoil anything. It’s a pretty good fan-fic. I’d recommend watching this. It’s better to watch this if you either watched MLP or played Ace Attorney. If you’ve done both, then you’ll love this. You can find all 5 parts on youtube.

I rate this: 80/100
Thanks for reading.

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