02 December 2016

Random Reviews Chapter-1: Summoned by Shadow (Raptor: Call of the Shadows)

Welcome to the first post of a new series called "Random Reviews". Here I review anything and everything that I wish. Before we begin though, I guess I have to explain why I was inactive for so long (not really, considering the fact that I have crappy content). I had an exam coming up and I had to study. Now I'm back.

In Random Reviews, I review whatever I feel like reviewing. Unlike most of my reviews, I'm not going to hold back on the spoilers one bit. So... SPOILER ALERT!

Today I'm going to review a vertical scrolling PC shooter called "Raptor: Call of The Shadows". It's a shooting game that flew completely under the radar. It was actually really good. In fact, it was so good that it got the number 9 spot on screwattack's top 10 2D shotters.

It has a great soundtrack and cool weapons, power-ups and enemies. The plot itself however is pretty much non-existent. It is still a great game. In fact, at the later stages of the game, you feel invincible as you finally get enough money to buy the Twin Laser (The most powerful weapon in gaming). It had graphics that could beat the SNES.

With everything considered, Its a shame it didn't get much attention. But those who have played it
remember it.

I rate this game: 70/100
Thanks for reading!

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