28 November 2016

My review of the Ace Attorney series. Chapter-6: The Double-Edged Turnabout

I'm back with another Ace Attorney review. This will also be my last Ace Attorney review until I play a new Ace Attorney game. For now, I'm going to review Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations.

When I played Apollo Justice Ace Attorney, I had lost some of my hope for the series. I regained said hope playing Ace Attorney Investigations ( Called Gyakuten Kenji meaning Turnabout Prosecutor in Japanese). This maybe considered a spinoff game since It's story never interacts with the main story line. The protagonist of this game is Miles Edgeworth.

This game is a lot different from the other games game-play wise. I was kinda disappointed that I can't actually prosecute in court. Here we investigate crime scene and gather evidence. We use said evidence to find out who the culprit is. In this game we often encounter segment which are very much like the cross-examinations in court.

In this game there is no recurring opposition like the prosecutors of the other games. The only opposition we have are the criminals themselves (and some other characters).
This game has a sound-track that rivals one of the games from the original trilogy. The cornered theme, known as Lying Coldly is one of my favorite themes in the franchise.
This game has 5 cases. A dominant character in this game is Kay Faraday ( Known as Mikumo Ichijou in Japanese). One opposition you do face in this game (other than the culprit himself) is Shi-Long Lang (Shiryuu Rou in Japanese.)

I didn't really notice any major flaws in this game except one. That flaw is that the characters weren't well-developed. Kay is potentially the equivalent of Maya or Trucy to Edgeworth but only appears in 3 of the 5 cases. This normally wouldn't be a problem (Maya was also in 3 of the 5 cases in the first game), but she was hardly given any development at all. All we know about Kay is, she looks up to her father, her father died, she wants to reveal the truth (in any matter).
Overall I'd say It's way better than Apollo Justice Ace Attorney but it may be on the same level as Justice for All.

I rate this game: 70/100
Thanks for reading!

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