29 November 2016

HOM World

                             HOM World

I'm a huge fan of Doom. I've played every game released, watched the movie and read the novel. I made a lot of maps too. I've finished every game at least 10 times. I often mess around while playing Doom single player using various cheat codes and console commands on my source port.
One night, I was messing around in Doom, as usual. However I soon got bored. That's when I had an idea. I thought " I wonder how far away from the map can I go using the no clipping cheat? " I entered the code and ran straight out of the map.

After running around for a few minutes, I found myself back near the map. I didn't give up. I tried again, but got the same result. I kept trying again and again and again. I ended up back near the map every single time.

At this point I was frustrated. I was running around in circles outside the map. This is when I decided that there is one way I can not get sent back to the map. I used a code that gives me all weapons with full ammo. I took out the rocket launcher and rushed outside the map. Once outside, I fired a rocket and followed it. I figured, this way, I'd go straight and not go back to the map by accident.
This was working! I was going further and further from the map. This is when the game stared to act a little weird. The rocket I was following suddenly exploded like it had hit something. I fired a few more rocket, which seemed to have hit an invisible wall and exploded. I walked slowly ahead and crossed that invisible wall. I fired a rocket which went straight ahead without exploding. I then used another rocket so that I don't wander back to the map.

I was moving forward for quite a while now. I occasionally ran into a few invisible walls but I was able to pass them the same way I had passed the first one. After moving on like this for what seemed to be an hour I started to take damage. It was like I had wandered into some sort of poison. I quickly entered a cheat that makes me invincible to almost all kinds of damage and moved on.
I was quite curious as to why I was taking damage so I kept on going and going and going. I felt like I was going on forever. Suddenly I heard a loud and distorted version of a Cyber Demon's scream. This spooked me, but I did not stop. I kept going and going. I heard the footsteps of the Cyber Demon getting closer and closer. I soon reached a HOM room with my character inside.

When I approached the character, he suddenly made a loud death sound and turned into a pile of pixelated mess. I say my HP turn to -99%. I became worried and looked at the HUD. Doomguy's face was gone. In it's place was a bright red skull. I checked my saved games, they were all replaced files named "You shouldn't have come here." I tried to load one of the files but I got this message " It's too late to turn back now! "

I tried frantically to get away from the room but I couldn't move my character. I heard the distorted footsteps of the Cyber Demon get closer and closer. I tried to start a new game but I got the message " After death there's only nothingness. " I tried to quit but I got the message                                           " NOHOPE!NOHOPE!NOHOPE! "

Soon a distorted and glitchy Cyber Demon appeared in front of me and let out a scream. He then fired a glitcy rocket. I saw my character turn into a mess of blood, bones and pixels. Soon after that the game crashed and I got this message " Fatal error: Cannot Execute Script D13H0ML19
The game has ended itself." After this incident I still play Doom a lot. But I never go outside of the maps borders.

Well that was my very first creepypasta. I hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks for reading!

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