28 November 2016

My review of the Ace Attorney series. Chapter-5: Apollo's Turnabout

After some time of procrastinating, I return to reviewing my favorite game franchise, the ace attorney franchise. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is THE worst game of the entire franchise. A big change that got many fans upset was the protagonist being Apollo Justice (Housuke Odoroki in Japanese) instead of Phoenix Wright. This didn't really bother me. What bothered me was Apollo's character. To me, the main characters of the Ace Attorney franchise seemed less like a video game character and more like characters from a story book. They seemed more... Humane than most video game characters. This quality was very low  in Apollo. He was like a more cowardly version of Phoenix with less humane qualities. His overused phrases "Here comes Justice." , "Chords of steel." , " Fine" annoyed me. But this wasn't what annoyed me the most. What annoyed me the most was Trucy. (Minuki in Japanese) and future Phoenix. The Phoenix of this game did almost everything I wouldn't expect Phoenix to do. Using forged evidence, Underestimating the prosecutor, falling for a cheap trick like that got him disbarred. Trucy however was more annoying than Phoenix. The people who assisted you in Ace Attorney games released before and after this one helped you in one way or another (Maya, Ema, Kay). Trucy however was utterly USELESS. Ask her whether she had any thoughts on what to do next, you get dialogue that is useless (even for comedic relief). Ask her if she has any idea about the case, she shows me my own evidence. Now, fans can argue that she stopped my client from getting a guilty verdict. But that has been done by Phoenix and Maya in previous games. This game itself had a very small dose of comedy. Comedy was a well established aspect of the series. This game lacked in this aspect.

The Game itself had 4 cases. Of them, case-4 I hated the most for it was the most ridiculous. In this case, Phoenix impersonates Corno and jumps from past to present. Question: If some of the evidence he got in the present was to be presented to people in the past, how is it possible? Not even video game logic helped me take this case seriously. One question that remained unanswered even after the game was completed was: Why did Vera use Apollo's cases as ideas to sketch under forged paintings? It made no sense. Was Vera related to Apollo? NO! Was Vera Apollo's friend? NO! Did Vera have a crush on Apollo? NOT LIKELY! Was Vera Apollo's fan? NOT THAT I KNOW OF.
This game removed the one of the big things that made investigations exciting, Psyche-locks. It added small scientific tools to aid in my investigations but it didn't work too well. THIS is what happens when you try and fix something that isn't broken.

The sound-track of this game was what you'd expect in an Ace Attorney game. However compared to the other games' sound-track, it was mediocre. Some good themes were over-used (Apollo's objection theme).

Prosecutor Gavin was your main prosecutor. Brother of Kristoph Gavin (Kirihito Garyuu in Japanese), Klavier Gavin (Kyouya Garyuu in Japanese) was NOT a force to be reckoned with. He objected sometimes and very rarely hi objections did any damage to my case. Prosecutor Payne is a better prosecutor than this guy!

Overall this game had plenty of flaws that harmed it as a  whole game.

I rate this game: 68/100
Thanks for reading.

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