28 November 2016

My Review of the Ace Attorney series. Chapter-4: Turnabout Tribulations

Trails and Tribulations is the 3rd game of the Ace Attorney franchise. We are thrown into what appears to be a back-story as soon as we begin the game. In my opinion this is the best game of the series. In this game we learn a little about the past of our favorite characters. If you were sad that Mia died in the first game, then don't worry. You get her as a playable character here.

It has 5 cases of which 4 are excellent. It introduces a new (and mysterious) prosecutor named only Godot ( Godot in Japanese). His identity will be revealed officially on case-5 (Although if you played cases 1-3 you should be able to figure out his identity at case-4).    To me, Godot's actions seemed... unpredictable. One second his helping me like Edgeworth on case-5 (game-1) or Case-4 (game-2).  The next second he damages my case beyond recognition. In spite of all this, he is still a better prosecutor than Franziska.

If it isn't broke, don't fix it. It's game-play mechanics are pretty much unchanged from JFA. It's sound-track is way better than JFA. You know what's odd? This one game features my personal favorite case (case-5) and also features my most hated case (case-2). Case-2 was simply annoying to me. It's the only case that got me so annoyed that I considered quitting Ace Attorney. Everything about this case seemed like the things you'd come up with if you wanted to make a really boring detective story. The characters were annoying. The story was boring. The witness break-down was bland...This list goes on and on. On the other hand, Case-5 was what you would get if you wanted a case that is the definition of epic. I found myself at the edge of my seat. I was shouting at the screen as the story took drastic turns (for happy or sad reasons). It was simply MIND-BLOWING!
If you ignore the 2nd case, it's the perfect Ace Attorney game!

I rate this game: 96/100
Thanks for reading.

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