28 November 2016

My review of the Ace Attorney series. Chapter-3: Turnabout Justice

What can I say about Justice For All? It's definitely the worst game of the original trilogy. But make no mistake, it's really well-made game. It just can't compete with the original Ace Attorney and Trials and Tribulations. Here we continue our adventure as Phoenix Wright with our assistant Maya aiding us as well.

The first thought that came to (my) mind when I played this game was " OH CRAP! ALL THE TIME I SPENT PLAYING THE FIRST GAME WAS WASTED WITH ONE HIT FROM A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!". Needless to say, memory-less Phoenix really annoyed me. Also, where does case-1 fit in the timeline? We have Maya (who left to continue her training in case-4 of the first game), so does that mean this case happened before case-4 of game-1? I guess you could say I didn't enjoy the first case of JFA.

One thing I can give CAPCOM credit for is; they fixed many game-play problems the first game had (they were minor problems.). They added a health bar instead of a five-strikes-your-out system in the trial segments. Here they added a special something to the investigation segments called psyche locks. When you question someone in investigation mode, you can now tell if they're hiding something via psyche locks. To find the truth, you have to break the psyche locks with evidence. These locks can appear in any number from 1 to 5. The more locks there are, the harder it is to get the truth out of the liar. Now, this new psyche lock system is like a double-edged sword. Some people like it and some don't. These locks were a good way to restore health and it made investigations fun for me. So I like it!

The main prosecutor was Franziska Von Karma (Mei Karuma in Japanese.) . She was an okay prosecutor, not nearly as good as Edgeworth though. Her objections caused me moderate to no trouble (Although she caused me a more trouble than even Edgeworth in the case-4). The cases were far more complicated than those of the first game. The less threatening prosecutor combined with the more complicated cases overall made fairly difficult episodes (The cases are divided by episodes.). Ironically, the worst game of the trilogy produced the best case of the series. Case-4 is a jaw-droopingly excellent case. It is my 2nd most favorite case of the entire series (Although I personally liked another case more, I think that this case is the best from a neutral perspective.). This game had an excellent sound-track, but the first game's sound-track was better.
One thing that really made me happy, was that I actually had an option based on whether or not I remembered the characters from the first game. Pearl Fey (Harumi Ayasato in Japanese.) who is a main character in the Ace Attorney franchise was introduced in this game.
This game has only 4 cases, which was a huge disappointment for me but I wouldn't call that a problem.

This is a good game. It has very few problems (which you probably won't notice.) . It just seems like a weak game when compared with the other 2 games of the trilogy.

I rate this game: 85/100
Thanks for reading.

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