31 December 2016

Spoiling Pokemon Sun and Moon

Author's Note: This post was originally uploaded on March of 2016 on my old blog at Wordpress. Obviously, Pokemon Sun and Moon was not released at that time.


Even before Pokemon Z came out, info regarding the Gen-7 Pokemon games, Sun and Moon were leaked to the internet. And now I'm here to spoil the plot for all of you guys.
First of all, this game features character customization. You get to select the gender of the protagonist. He/She isn't a normal guy/gal. Ever since he was born, he couldn't speak. At the age of 10, he and his rival(s) get their first Pokemon from a tree named professor, who gives them pokedexes and tasks them to collect data on every Pokemon in the region. This gives our hero the ability to pursue his life-long dream of becoming region champion.

He travels the land, going from town to town, beating gym leader and earning badges. In his travels, he encounters an evil organization whose name begins with team and for some odd reason, their goals and aspirations are on the same level as that of old Saturday morning kid-show villains. What's even more odd is the fact that only this 10 year old can stop them. Seriously, their plans have global consequences and all the region leaders are like "Ehh, whatever."

In our hero's journey, he thwarts the evil "team" over and over again. At one point, in order to deal a huge (and probably decisive) blow to the "team" and their Saturday morning aspirations, he has to capture a legendary Pokemon. They even foreshadow this by putting its picture in the cover art.

You soon do all mentioned above and finally reach the Pokemon league. There you battle the elite four and then the reigning champ. You fulfill your dream and become region champ. And then there are some other extra stuff to do after the main game's over.

If you stayed this long then thanks for reading. If you want to know my personal take on the pokemon franchise, stick around a bit longer.

I hate the main series games. So I guess you can call me a hater of the franchise. But I wasn't always a hater. I played pokemon and loved it up to the Ruby and Sapphire games in Gen 3. But I got bored of playing the same game over and over again. You see, the plot in each pokemon game, the objectives, the game-play, everything remains absolutely the same. You can argue "But Doom games have the same plot too." But here's the thing, Doom's plot is not important. You can say "Pokemon isn't about the plot either." That's where I have to disagree. You see, Doom is a FPS. And even the slightest change in architecture affects the game. But Pokemon is a JRPG. A unique JRPG, but a JRPG. Plots are one of the key elements in JRPGs because without it, you might s well be just button spamming. You can also say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". To that, I'll agree. The core mechanics of each and every Pokemon game is awesome. But after 6 generations, it gets stale. Change a few things, add and remove stuff, experiment a little. This is why, even though I hate the main series Pokemon games, but I like some of the rom hacks that are available on the net.

Thanks again for Reading!

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