31 December 2016

Random Reviews Chapter-9.3: Twisted Love (Mix Ore Part 3 of 3)

This was probably my most tiring review. It isn't necessarily the longest. But It left me drained. I'll skip the small talk and just get to the point.

The first thing I can say about this route is that it was definitely given more thought than the other routes.

The awkward pacing does create some problems regarding likeability of the characters, but story-wise, it fits better than Rikana's or Ayano's story. So how's the story? I don't know if it's because I played the other two routes first, but it was super predictable. In the end it is revealed that Nagisa was a stalker. She tried to kill my girlfriend, Sanae but accidentally stabbed me instead. I'm not an expert when it comes to science, biology or medicine. But I don't think getting stabbed and almost dying causes complete memory loss. I could be wrong though, so feel free to correct me there.

As for the ending, the fact that my girlfriend was Sanae and Nagisa was my stalker and NOT the other way around was probably supposed to come as a huge shock. But honestly, I could see this ending coming from miles away. I KNEW this would happen. It's never good when your audience or readers can see thorough your story like they can see through the glass in their windows.

The ending deciding decision was to tell Nagisa that she should die or tell her not to die. First of all, who in there right mind would tell someone crying that they should die. And secondly, the only information I was given about Sanae was thqat she's my girlfriend. And because of amnesia, I have no reason why I should like her. It's like saying "She's a likeable character. You have to like her to enjoy this story." Last I checked, that's not how it's supposed to work! You have to give make me like someone I'm supposed to like by their character, personality, actions and motivation. Not by saying "Like him/her".

If I say "don't die", I get killed by Nagisa and I presume she kills herself anyway. If I say die, she kills herself.

I get 2 endings and again, the labels should've probably switched.

This story however, is not as easily salvageable as the other routes. I have no idea how this could've been made into something worth playing.

After playing through the whole game, it seemed to me that the game was originally meant to have only one story, that being Nagisa's route. This route obviously had the most thought and most work put into it when compared with the other routes. I think Charon found that the game was too short when she finished making it with only Nagisa's route and then added the other 2 routes as filler or as an afterthought. She used alternate ideas she had to make Rikana's route and Ayano's route. While she finished Rikana's route, she got board/tired/writer's block while she was half way through Ayano's route and half-assed it.

So what's my overall thoughts on the game? All 3 routes are varying degrees of bad with varying degrees of the same mistakes. Ayano's story could've been made into something great had a lot more thought, effort and play-testing went into it. Rikana's story was salvageable, yes, but it probably wouldn't have made a great story even then. Nagisa's story is very hard to salvage and even then the result wouldn't be that good. With slight adjustment, more time, effort, thought and play-testing, this entire game could've been really good.

I Rate this: 49/100

Thanks for Reading!

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