31 December 2016

Random Reviews Chapter-9.2: Root of all Evil (Mix Ore. Part 2 of 3)

Last time I covered Ayano's route. On my 2nd play through of the game, I chose the Honey Milk option. So this time I cover Rikana's route. Out of the 3 girls, Rikana's probably the girl everyone hates the most.

As far as I can tell, the story was supposed to have you hang out and get attached to your "sister" Rikana. At the end of the story, you find out that Rikana wasn't your sister and she just wanted to take the money your late parents left you. I think Charon wanted us to get attached to Rikana and come to like her. When we're betrayed by her, it's supposed to really really hurt. I think that was the plan.

But there's a problem. Because of Charon's obsession with the number 4, she rushed things again. Due to this, I wasn't able to connect with Rikana or get attached to her. On top of my indifference to her existence, her "cute little sister" attitude got on my nerves really fast. To be honest, there was just something about her appearance that annoyed me. Her annoying face got me annoyed with her from day one. Discounting my personal hatred toward her face, her attitude got me annoyed with her.

All through out the story, the "crucial" plot points just got me saying "meh!". On Day 4, when I confront Rikana, she swears and yells at me. This made the originally annoying character into hated character. Rikana says she isn't going to give the money back. A back-story about why Rikana is what she is is thrown at my face (again) in an attempt to inspire sympathy. Like in Ayano's case, throwing a random back-story in my face didn't give me a reason to like her.

After the "treachery" Rikana asks how I feel and I have the option of saying whether I want to die or not. This decision determines the ending of the game. Here is a huge problem. On Day 2 or maybe it was Day 3, Rikana asks a lot of money from me to get into an expensive school. I was given the option of giver her everything or giving her the need amount. As I choose the later, my choice, though directly doesn't effect the game, it does indirectly reduce the seriousness of the things that happen in Day 4 to a great extent.

If I choose I wanna to die, Rikana says stuff, I snap, push her on to the road, she gets hit by a car and dies, I run away, I get hit by a car and die, we probably meet in the afterlife. This is the bad ending. If I choose I don't wanna die, Rikana leaves, I run, I get hit by a car and die. This is the good ending. The thing I said about switching labels in part 1 should be applied here as well. I should mention that in this story, I got amnesia 'cause I was hit by a car. Although the car thing may (or may not) be realistic, I think Charon should've mixed things up a bit. It's not really a flaw in the sense that it's unrealistic, but a flaw in the sense of overusing something. It's like if write a paragraph about your brother and decide not to use a single pronoun because you flunked the last pop quiz on pronouns.

What are my final thoughts on Rikana Millefiori's story line? Well, it still would've been a lot better if I was given the chance and the reason to like Rikana and trust her. It could've been salvaged, though not as easily as Ayano's story. I would've probably still hated Rikana because I hate milk (plain) and I hate milky stuff and Rikana's original name effectively translates to "milky milk" (Thank you Terriball for adding that humorous little tidbit in the readme_e text file).

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