08 December 2016

My Top 5 Most favorite Ace Attorney Characters

So I did like a total of 7 reviews on Ace Attorney related stuff. Now I'm doing a top 5 list on my most favorite Ace Attorney Characters. Now this is my list and it's only my opinion. I'm ranking the characters mostly on how much I personally like them. But things like character development, how much we know about someone and how many times they've appeared in the games also plays a factor on this list. I'm also not including any characters from Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney, Dual Destines an
d Gyakuten Kenji 2 as I've never played them. With that out of the way let's start of with this list.

5.Ema Skye or Larry Butz: We're starting this list with a tie for the 5th spot between Ema Skye and Larry Butz. Larry gets the 5th spot because Larry is a comic character. He's helped both Phoenix and Edgeworth in some tight situations and he's been in 3 games. He made me laugh by doing stupid things like presenting a bad drawing as evidence and feeding Pearls rotten potatoes. But at the end of the day, you can't help feeling somewhat sorry for him as he gets dumped by his girlfriends over and over again. But he somehow manages to always get a new girlfriend.

Ema Skye get this spot because to me, she's the perfectly realistic symbol of someone's life not going the way he/she planned. In the first Ace Attorney game, she is totally obsessed with forensic science and appears to be destined to be in the forensic department. But in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, you learn that she's not on the forensic team rather a detective. Besides this, in the first game, she really helps out with the 5th case. And when she's not, she 'scientifically' states the obvious and makes me laugh at times. In AJ:AA, she helps a lot more with investigations and is (sometimes) funny as well. Overall, I think she's very deserving of this spot.

4.Maya Fey: Maya Fey is Wrights assistant. You meet her in the 2nd case of the 1st game after *SPOLIERS* Mia dies. She is arrested because the police suspect her of killing her sister. As you agree to defend her, you learn a lit about where she's from and what she's been through. At that point you feel kinda sorry for her. Later she becomes your assistant after the events of the 2nd case. Honestly, at first I kinda found her annoying. But after going spending 9 cases across 3 games with her, she kinda grew on me. This attachment between Maya and the player is used to make the 5th and final case of Trials and Tribulations simply EPIC! Although Justice for All does something similar in it's 4th case, I personally feel that the 5th case of T&T bring out the feeling of the risk of losing someone more efficiently. For this reason she's my 4th favorite Ace Attorney character.

3.Detective Dick Gumshoe: Detective Dick Gumshoe is one of the best characters in Ace Attorney. He's funny, he's enthusiastic, he's helpful and to top it all off, his loyal to his friends. He's also got cool looks and really awesome theme. What's not like about this guy? The only reason his on No.3 spot, is because I like No.2 and No.1 even more.

2.Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth is my 2nd favorite Ace Attorney. I also hear that he was one of the hardest characters to develop. In the 2nd and 3rd case of the first case, he is a completely hated character. At the end of the 4th Case you gain a better understanding of him and you don't hate him... that much. In the 5th case he helps you find and expose the true villain and practically don't hate him at all. In the first 3 cases of the 2nd game, your tricked into believing he killed himself. And you start to feel a bit empty and you miss him. And the fact that your up against Franziska Von Karma makes you miss him even more. But his appearance in the 4th and final case makes you fill relieved and at the same time on edge as your facing The Demon Prosecutor in court defending a guy you know is the actual culprit with Maya's life on the line. He in the end helps you out of this problem and you like him even more. The only character I like more than Miles Edgeworth is...

1.Phoenix Wright: Of course Phoenix Wright is my favorite Ace Attorney Character. HE'S PHOENIX WRIGHT! He's loyal to his friends, he believes in his clients, he's funny, his serious when he has to be and his got the ability to turn a case all the way around in a matter of minutes. He's also got the power to make something like law EPIC. Although you uncover why he's a defense attorney and his relation to Edgeworth and Larry. His relation to Mia Fey and Dahlia are explored and is character is developed in T&T. He is my most favorite Ace Attorney of all.

Honorable Mentions: Godot, Lotta Hart, Apollo Justice, Mia Fey, and Winston Payne.

Thanks for reading!

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