31 December 2016

Top 5 Video game Powers that would be really useful IRL.


I decide to do another Top list. This time, I wanted to talk about some video game powers which I really wish I had from time to time. As for the rules, this list is mostly based on my personal opinion and taste. I'm not putting powers from games I didn't play. A single power may be prevalent in multiple games. I'm rating these based on how useful I think they will be to me. You maybe thinking, "But a lot of video game powers are awesome." I agree with you but, most of these powers will either turn you into a super hero or villain. I'd much rather go about my life as me and NOT be the center of attention. Let's begin!

Number 5: Double Jump (Many different games)

Now, the double jump may seem a bit lame when compared to the tons of other cool powers you can have in the game but it'd actually be a pretty useful thing to have. Being a short guy, I often had things I wanted placed just out of my reach. I tried jumping but it didn't help. I had to go pull a chair in or something. If only I could double jump. There were also some walls which, if I could get past, I'd be ale to cut down on 15 minutes of walking. There were also some puddles that covered a huge portion of the road and I didn't want to get my shoes wet. If I could double jump, these situations would be nothing. Besides, if I can jump over lava pools in games, I could jump over mud pools in real life.

Number 4: GZDoom Mobility (Doom)

Though I said, GZDoom, this is true for most source-ports for Doom. In the original Doom games, you can't jump or crouch but this can be easily done in most modern source-ports. Now what I mean by Doom Mobility is the ability to run at stupid speeds indefinitely and to negate any and all types of fall damage. Doomguy can run really really fast for really really long. If you had this power, you wouldn't need cars. You could run at around 60 km per hour and not get tired. Though you may want to be careful or you'll have the government on your tail. Then there's the more useful, "full with no consequence" power. Maybe you were enjoying a nice time on the roof of a really tall building and suddenly remembered something urgent. All you'd have to do was jump off and enjoy the fall. You'll fall safely without any repercussions whatsoever.

Number 3: Volaticus (Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia)

Let's be honest, flying is awesome. Who wouldn't want to fly around. Actually, any flying power could take this spot. I considered the ability to turn into a giant bat from Aria of Sorry for this part, but since using it drains your MP and causes you to switch back to human form, it may not be the best power to have. You can argue that normal flight would be pretty much the same but in case of this glyph, you sprout giant wings and fly. If you ask me, that's way cooler than flying normally. Though you may attract a lot of attention, I think it's worth it.

Number 2: Any and all methods of healing (Almost all games)

Healing items and spells are pretty much a staple in gaming. Now if you had any one of these actually work in real life, you'd be pretty damn lucky. Be it sitting behind a wall, taking naps or chugging down health potions, I'd give anything to be able to heal myself from fatal wounds. If you ask me, I'd go with the healing spells from many a RPG. You'll heal near instantly.

Honorable Mentions: Bird's eye view (Many different games), The Morph ball (Metroid), Stretchy arms (Street Fighter 2), Status points (RPGs)

Number 1: Stop time to think. (Visual Novels and many other games)

What I would do to have this! Have you ever taken a decision and then think of a much better solution to the one you offered after it was too late? Maybe you promised to do something to be friendly only to realize at night that you REALLY don't want to do it? Or maybe you said or did something in the spur of the moment only to regret it mere minutes later? Well, these things happen to me a lot. So I really envy visual novel protagonists because they can just stop time whenever they face any sort of decision and thoroughly think it over before answering. Life would be so much better if I could just stop time, think about what I should do and then decide on it. This, in my opinion, is by far the most useful video game power one can have.

That was five powers that I think would've been awesome to have. Tell me if any video game powers you'd like to have. And as always...

Thanks for Reading!

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