31 December 2016

Some New Pokemon types that will be added (Eventually).

Pokemon has gone on for over two decades. Even though I said that I hate Pokemon, it's because of how every generation of games is pretty much exactly the same as the previous generation of games. I still admire the clever ideas, creative designs and more or less awesome mechanics that made the Pokemon franchise so great. Which is why I still enjoy Rom Hacks and fan games.

So with Pokemon being as popular as it is and with no sign of showing any reduction in popularity, I think it's safe to say, that over the years, about any and every type you can think of will be an official type at some point in time, provided that the franchise itself doesn't die.

So this and the fact that hate it or love it, it's fun discussing random things in the games. So today I felt like discussing some types which can be introduced as well as how it can effect other types. Besides, it's my blog, I can write whatever I want.

Star/Space/Cosmic Type: Space is a pretty cool concept for Pokemon and while Deoxys is pretty much confirmed to be from space, there are others like Clefairy's line that may or may not be from space. And then there's Solrock and Lunatone whose designs are clearly based on the Sun and the Moon. And with new Pokemon being introduced every generation, there will be at least some more Pokemon which have some connection to space. So a Space type can fit.

It would probably be weak against steel and have an immunity to fighting type moves. It could be weak to ghost type in the same way electric is weak against ground types.

Data/Machine/Artificial Type: There have already been some Pokemon that are pretty much confirmed to be created artificially. The Porygon and Golette line are both man-made as it's stated in their Pokedex entries, so they would definitely fall into this typing. There are also Pokemon which look artificial or like machines like the Beldum and Magnemite line. These can also fall into this typing. The Regis, being based on Golems, can also fall into this type. Though Mewtwo can be off this typing, but I think it's better to leave it as it is.

This type can be strong against Steel types as well as Electric types while being weak to Water types. It can also be weak to Ghost and Fairy types.

Dream Type: Now, this is something I just thought would be cool to have. The only reason for putting in a Dream type is because I think it'll open up a lot of cool design options and ideas. So the only reason why it's on here is to be able to make cool looking Pokemon. As for which Pokemon are in this category, the only ones I can think of is Creselia and maybe Darkrai.

This type can be strong against Fighting and Fairy but can be weak to Psychic and Ghost types.

Light Type: I will admit, Fairy has pretty much did what this type was supposed to. But ever since the Dark type was introduced back in, I think generation 2, I always thought that having the opposite of dark, light as a type would just be natural and it bugged me that there wasn't any type like that. And 5 generations later, there still isn't a light type.

Now, since arguments can be made for why light beats dark and the other way around, I think it would be best to have a Dragon VS Dragon situation with Light and Dark types. Other than that, Light would probably be strong against Psychic, Ghost and Fairy types. But I don't know what it can be weak to. I guess poison and grass?

??? Type: Now this type is a special case. It existed from generations 2 to 4 and the only move that had this type was Curse. Under some very specific circumstances, it was possible to get Weather ball into this type and get a flying type to become this type for a brief period of time. Ever since I first saw this type in generation 3, I wanted it to be expanded upon. Personally, I think this can still be a pretty useful type to have around. It has no strengths or weaknesses which can result in interesting strategies and battles.

The only Pokemon I can think of that may have this type is Arceus, Unown and Ditto. There can be some pretty useful moves that can make use of this type. They can even add moves that ignores everything (ATK, S.ATK, DEF, S.DEF) and just hit the opponent with damage equal to the power of the move.

That's it for this post. If you can think of any cool types or think of any strengths and weaknesses of the types I listed above, please tell me in the comments below.

Thanks for Reading!

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