31 December 2016

Some Dere Types IRL

If you've watched a few anime series, you've probably encountered some dere types. Today I'm going to draw some real world comparisons with a few dere types. This is again, my personal opinion. Please keep that in mind.

Now, let's be realistic for a second. Everyone knows anime is the world where energy beams, death notes and giant mechs (among other things) exists. So it would be stupid to assume this things exist in the real world. Likewise, there is, as far as I know, now "deres" in the real world. So the real world stuff I will talk about are not exactly like the deres in anime. Let's begin.

Let's take down one of the more common deres and also the easiest one to draw real world parallels to; the yandere.

Yanderes are basically the characters who are obsessed with another character and would even kill for them. They are super possessive and can kill people who try to spend some time or befriends with the person the love. The are, for the most part, does whatever their loved one says. If you've watched Mirai Nikki (Future Diary), then think of Gasai Yuno. She's called the Yandere queen for a reason. I shudder to think of the pairing of Light Yagami and Yuno Gasai. But I digress.

Now there are crazy stalker people in the world. Many guys stalk the girl they are attracted to. Some of these often lead to more serious crimes. Though not really like the Yanderes on anime, I feel these guys are the closest real world things to Yandere.

Himederes are another type of dere. These deres basically act like royalty and or expect special attention.

The closest real world things to Himederes are probably the snobbish attention hogs. Bonus points if they are rich. They expect the same pampering they get at home and they flaunt their power/wealth/whatever. Spoiled brats work too.

Tsunderes, like yanderes, are among the more commonly known dere types. They are mean to guys they love. They are best known on the internet for calling the guy they love an idiot (Baka). They generally deny all sorts of feelings toward the guy they, well, have feelings for and undermine the guy.

The closest thing to Tsunderes in the real world are probably the immature kids who tease the girl they like to get attention. I say kids because I don't think any mature individual does this (I could be wrong though).

Anyway, that's the end of this post. Before you attack me with how these parallels don't reflect the deres absolutely, keep in mind that in that context, deres DO NOT exist in the real world. In my opinion this is the closest the real world comes to the deres. But maybe you know better real world parallels to these deres. If that's the case, please tell me in the comments.

Thanks for Reading!

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