31 December 2016

My top 5 storngest video game protagonists


It's been a while since I've done a top list. So here's one now! This is a list of the top 5 video game protagonists I consider the strongest. Before I begin, I should warn you, Just because a character is strong, doesn't mean he's cool and awesome. These are just the strongest protagonists in video games, in my opinion. For this list, I'm taking into account how strong the character becomes near the end of the game. But a temporary power boost that lasts for one fight won't count. That means "Hyper Samus" from Super Metroid is disqualified but Gravity Suit Samus with all upgrades is still a contender. Like I did with "My top 5 powerful video game weapons" list, I'm judging them by how powerful each of them are in there own game. So, in terms of raw power a lower ranked protagonist may actually be stronger than higher ranked protagonist. I'm also counting the weapons and armors and stuff you can find or buy during the end of the game as part of the protagonists' power. But guys who fight using vehicles only are not qualified for this list. And although this should be common knowledge, this list is only my personal opinion. Enough stalling, let's begin!


Taking the number 5 spot is Zero.

The awesome protagonist from the Megaman Zero series for the GBA. What do you expect from a guy wielding one of the most powerful swords in gaming? He is super agile. He can leap across the screen, climb walls, cut through enemies with the Z Sabre and harness the power of 4 different elements. The reason he's so low on this list is because there will be a lot of places across 4 games where you'll feel helpless and pathetic. He's also a lot cooler than X . Speaking of X...


On the number 4 spot, we have Megaman.

No, not this Megaman!

Megaman.exe! Now you maybe wondering, why I put Megaman.exe above Zero. No? Well, I'll tell you anyway. In all the Battle Network games, Megaman's power depends completely on you! The folder you use and the way you customize it can put Megaman anywhere in the power scale. He can be completely OP or a complete weakling. Because his power is this variable, is why he's not much higher on the list.


On number 3 we have Doomguy. Now before you aim your BFGs at me, let me explain. In the games' story, Doomguy is an unstoppable killing machine. But let's stop to and ask a question. How good are you at Doom? The reason I ask this is because Doomguy is supposed to be you, the player. Doomguy may have the 2nd strongest weapon in gaming, if you suck at Doom, Doomguy is nothing but a pathetic weakling. On the other hand, if you're a pro, No other video game character can beat Doomguy. Because of this I've put Doomguy on Number 3. Now you may argue that what I've said about Doom can apply to any game. And to that I say touche. But I have an even better reason for putting Doomguy on number 3. It takes a lot of skill, luck and invulnerability spheres to be invincible in Doom. But all with the other two characters, all it takes to be invincible is a little practice and timing.


On number 2 spot, we have the vampire killer form Castlevania game which was excluded from the timeline (maybe). Nathan Graves from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon!

Now you maybe a bit surprised as to why I put him so high high on the list. Although the game was hard as nails, one thing secured his spot on the list. Let me explain, The Nathan in Vampire Killer Mode is the most balanced. He's also the strongest. He's able to use both DSS and strong physical attacks. I've personally, never been able to get all DSS cards in VK mode. But while playing in Magician mode, I found out how all the DSS cards work and what are the stuff that Nathan can do. And let me tell you this, if you manage to get all DSS cards in VK mode, you'll be playing as one of the most powerful characters gaming has to offer. Besides, The useful artifacts that'll make your life a lot easier, there's a DSS combo for every situation you can find yourself in this or any other Metroidvania game. And with a combination of a card with the Neptune card, you're pretty much invincible from 90% of whatever the game can throw at you. Combine this with the balanced stats of Vampire Killer Nathan and the only thing that can give you any trouble is Dracula himself. Besides this, he also wields the Hunter whip. A magic whip that is as powerful as (if not more powerful) the fabled Vampire Killer whip of the Belmont clan. So yeah, the only reason he's on number 2 is because number 1 is even more OP than Nathan is. Speaking of which...


And the Number 1 spot for the strongest video game protagonist is...

Jake Armitage from Shadowrun for the SNES! What? Did I surprise you? Although Nathan is a lot cooler than Jake, he still isn't as powerful. Although Jake can be a little weak through out the whole game, all that changes at the end when you finally equip the AS-7 Assault Cannon and the Full body suit. if you have been spending cash on getting all the upgrades like dermal armor and wired reflexes and going around treasure hunting for spells, you should be more or less invincible. While you had to quickly pause your game and change DSS with Nathan to be invincible, with Jake you're always invincible. The Once you have the weapon and the armor, you'll be able to wreck your enemies fairly quickly. You'll feel like Superman as you watch enemy bullets just bounce off you and do nothing except the occasional damage. You probably have a Level 6 Heal which you can use about 4-6 times. This will fully heal you if thing somehow get a little worrying. If you don't have a high level heal, all your Karma points probably went to your HP. So not only are you near invincible, you have a flak load of health or a high level healing spell. And with powerful weapons and spells you can take out a ton o enemies without breaking a sweat. You can't get more OP than that. And this is why Jake Armitage is the strongest video game protagonist.

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